Best Practice Content Creation Guidance

So today I’ve been writing a Content Development Strategy for a company wishing to manage the way in which their Revit Families are created.  The strategy document outlines best practice workflows, how to identify suitable content coordinators/developers and assess training needs etc…

One of the freely available guides I refer to quite often is Autodesk’s Revit Model Content Style Guide.

The guide is a downloadable zip file (40mb) containing excel documents, pdfs, example Revit Families and check lists.

If you are looking to set some standards in your office for best practice Revit Family creation, I would certainly recommend looking through this kit.  There are parts which I would debate (as with all guides), but generally it does give you an idea of the key topics which need addressing when creating your own content.  On the whole its a great starting point for BIM Managers or BIM Coordinators to start out from when setting up Revit Family Creation Standards.

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