BS:1192 Naming Demystified at BIM Regional Hub East

I was delighted to be approached, by the Pam Bhandal on behalf Women In BIM, to speak at a Regional BIM Hub: East Event One 2017 about BS:1192 Information Naming.

Woman in BIM is a great initiative to help promote diversity within this sector, something that here at Infinite BIM we ALL support whole heartedly.

Despite being a cold, dark January night and the promise of a talk on the ever so slightly dry matter of BS1192 Naming Standards, there was an impressive turn out. Even if it was encouraged by the promise of free food and beer – always a winner in my books.
After a little networking, the evening was started with an introduction and an overview of the UK BIM Alliance by Andy Boutle.


Andy gave a very enlightening summary of the Alliances mission to aid in the adoption and implementation of BIM Level 2 as business as usual by 2020. As someone who works a lot with the ‘here and now’ uses and challenges of working in a BIM environment; it is always encouraging to hear of such initiatives and goals.

Then it was my turn…..

Andy, kindly introduced me by highlighted what an essential fundamental topic BS1192:2007 Information Naming & Suitability was …… despite its arid nature.

The full presentation can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this post.

The presentation, albeit a little dry – but as pretty as possible, focuses on unravelling the BS1192 Information Naming conventions.

To fully understand the change, you need to appreciate why its needed. It shows how information looks and is shared now, to how that changes in a BIM environment

Then using the a example of naming an Architects 3D model, we go through an explanation of each individual field. Then finishing with Suitability Codes and how they react differently to information types, as well as the areas of the CDE.

The presentation is great for getting to grips with Information Naming, but the BS1192:2007 is about so much more. That I no doubt will be deciphering in the months to come.

A very interesting night and I look forward to getting involved/attending more in 2017.

To download the full slide show, click the link below

Infinite BIM BS1192 Naming Dymistified

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