BS1192 Revisions and Revit

So in a recent conversation on all things BIM related, the conversation turned to software and BS1192. More specifically the application of preliminary revisions ‘P0n’ and Contractual Revisions ‘C0n’ within Revit.


Does Revit have the functionality to comply with BS1192 procedures, yes or no? The answer is YES, well from 2016 onwards anyway.


Although this may be common knowledge to a lot of people (at least I thought it was), it appeared that the people I was having the conversation with were blissfully unaware of any changes to revisions in Revit 2016, resulting in all kinds of weird and not so wonderful work arounds being applied that simply aren’t necessary!


So for those out there that are unsure of the process to apply BS1192 Revisions in Autodesk Revit, here’s a simple guide for Revit 2016 and onwards.


First of all, you need to set up the revision sequencing for both Numeric and Alphanumeric revisions;


Numeric for your Preliminary revisions;

and Alphanumeric for your Contractual revisions;

Once these are set up, you are now ready to start applying revisions to your sheets.

Using Numeric for your Preliminary Revisions;

and changing to Alphanumeric for Contractual revisions;

Should the drawing be revised again the revision sequence can simply carry on with a Preliminary revision using numeric sequencing or a Contractual revision using alphanumeric sequencing, maintaining your revision history;


Happy revising!