Hawkins\Brown – A Journey to ISO 19650 Certification

We’re proud to announce another successful ISO 19650 certification for our long-established client Hawkins\Brown. The certification was achieved under our associate consultant relationship with BSI towards the end of 2019

Like other industry-leading companies, Hawkins\Brown quickly adapted to the PAS 1192 requirements for BIM Level 2 public (and private) sector projects during their introduction back in 2016.

Previously achieving BSI’s PAS 1192 Tier 1 Certification back in 2018 meant the next phase for Hawkins\Brown was to begin implementing the systems and procedures we worked hard to develop with them and for which they now had the certification.

But then in January 2019 came the release of ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2 which put a fork in the road for many companies in the same situation – Continue with PAS 1192 workflows which would be deprecated then look to transition in a few years? …or adjust quickly and continue with the published ISO 19650 suite of BIM standards, implementing and training teams on only one system.

The latter option prevailed and so the process began developing our new ISO 19650 Quality plan, systems and procedures which would then be engrained into the Hawkins\Brown way of working.

When it comes to design, Hawkins\Brown have (for as long as we can remember) been at the forefront of innovation and technology. Resourcing expertise internally and externally in micro niche industries and putting trust in consultants and suppliers to help research and deliver what they and their clients need. This innovative thinking has accelerated the company’s ability to adapt and respond quickly to industry changes. An article on some of their forward thinking was published in Blueprint back in 2016

Andrew Ward, Principle BIM Consultant here at Infinite BIM accepted the challenge to develop the new quality plan and began the transition process and translation of documents and terminology.  For anyone who has gone through this process already, you will probably appreciate it’s not just a case of swapping a few words around and throwing in an additional document here and there.

After a lengthy appraisal, we elected to completely rewrite our quality plan from the ground-up. This decision was not taken lightly as we knew it would take a significant amount of time and resource.


Why did we make this decision?

In the software industry, you see vendors making this decision all the time when they develop new features… Should they put a patch on the software? …a work-around? …a sticking plaster? Or is it time to rewrite the code? The cost is higher for a rewrite but the results will be ease of use, greater uptake and ultimately provide a better solution. With this in mind, we set to work carving out our new ISO 19650 Quality plan.

Working with Nathaniel Rackham, Associate and BIM Manager at Hawkins\Brown, we listened to the requests and feedback from the PAS 1192 document suite before integrating specific workflows for their business into the new document suite. It was important to make sure everything was fully configured for the implementation of their first ISO 19650 project.

During the assessment, it was great to hear the BSI assessor’s remarks on some of the documents, tools, and clear cut procedures we had developed.  Being acknowledge by BSI as developing some ‘best in practice’ procedures reassured us that we were right to invest the extra time in developing a ground-up ISO 19650 solution.

Currently, we’re well on the road to supporting Hawkins\Brown with the implementation phase of the document suite and feel immensely proud of what Hawkins\Brown have achieved with their digital strategy and design portfolio.

A big thank you to Nathaniel Rackham at Hawkins\Brown for the trust put in us to deliver an exceptionally high standard of work. Also a huge congratulations and thank you to Andrew Ward at Infinite BIM for devoting sleepless nights to producing what has been regarded as a very high standard ISO 19650 Quality plan by both BSI and Hawkins\Brown.

If you haven’t yet embarked on your ISO 19650 journey or you just want to find out more about Hawkins\Brown’s experience, be sure to read their full article published here:



BSI Interview with Nathaniel Rackham, Associate and BIM Manager, Hawkins\Brown

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