The Infinite Journey Series: Part One – The Secret of Change

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building on the new.” – Socrates

Most of us are aware that change is inevitable, and for Infinite BIM this has never been more fitting than of late. Building on the strong foundations of Revit Factory, our move from a small 2-person office at Bruntwood’s West One in Leeds, supported by an outstanding shared-services team, into Canalside Buildings on Graingers Way has been quite a quest. Our new office space forms part of The Railway Roundhouse’s repair shop, forges and fitting shops that were used to build and maintain locomotives until 1904; built by pioneering railway engineer Thomas Grainger. This collection of buildings has stood the test of time, with many of the internal architectural features still being visible, having being cared for by various tenants since they were built in 1847.


Beautiful exposed roof trusses

Our new space reflects Infinite BIM’s growth, development and client’s needs, is located within easy access of the M1 and M62, and only a stone’s throw from Leeds City Station. The size is perfect for us to train delegates in a comfortable yet stylish environment, providing our clients a wider service offering based on their strategic needs. With the assistance of AHR Architects in Huddersfield, we have had the opportunity to design the perfect space with the aid of their Point Cloud surveying services, ensuring that we make the most of what the building has to offer (and practice what we preach with our BIM tools!)

As with all great projects, it takes a great team…and on our team we had refurbishment specialists Fraser Projects Ltd, moving wall system mavens Accordial, leading independent interior design company, WeSpace, award-winning Sedus office furniture, and the very stylish UK furniture manufacturer, Ocee Designs all working together to turn our space into the reality of our BIM model…

The office refit commenced at the end of October, with a myriad of ideas from our team on how we wanted to represent the space to clients, as well as creating a flexible working environment for everyone. The Point Cloud Survey was an excellent opportunity for us to understand what could be done with the interior to maximise the use of space and create atmosphere, as well as manipulate renders until a suitable design was agreed.

Infinite BIM Point Cloud Image

Defining accurate floor layouts, light analysis and detailed interfaces with the underside of the mezzanine were a breeze once the Point Cloud Survey was converted to Revit, eliminating the need for us to revisit site and disturb the current office tenants who were occupying the space.  We will share some of these workflows in future articles.

Having all this in place helped us to explore options that would be a drain on our valuable time if using traditional methods of surveying and CAD.

For our Point Cloud Survey, AHR Global’s Regional Director, Lee McDougall explains the process in fashion that everyone can relate to:

“I think the best analogy would be that the Point Cloud Surveying works like a lawn sprinkler at 360 degrees – each spurt of water is a laser pulse, and the speed of light calculates distance, 1 million times per second and puts a 3D point in space, horizontally and vertically – it reflects off absolutely everything and collects the data accordingly.” Full interview with Lee McDougall will be posted shortly.

Previous occupants being captured in our Point Cloud


We worked closely with Fraser Projects Ltd to ensure our refit went to plan, within budget and was delivered back to us all shiny and new. With their project for SDA Architect’s office refurbishment being short-listed for the Design Excellence Award by @insideryorks, their contribution and commitment to our new office was second to none. Always coming up with new ideas to make things happen, the Fraser Team tackled our project head-on, and were seemingly unstoppable!

Making a mess…..

So, from humble beginnings, we have created our Infinite office…and let’s face it, everyone loves the smell of fresh paint and new carpet, don’t they?