PAS 1192-6:2018 Collaborative sharing of Health & Safety Information through BIM

Produced by the BSI, this publicly available specification (PAS) relates to the collaboration of Health & Safety information through BIM processes.

The documented is intended to enable the sharing of Health & Safety information over the life cycle of the project & the asset. This will enable hazards & risks to be spotted earlier, and therefore mitigated earlier.

Through BIM processes , and the use of an information model, health and safety hazards or risks can be  identified, communicated and mitigated. This is the power of BIM, attaching what is referred to as meta data to an object, displaying key information that is them visible to all project team members.

A key part of the document is section 5.2 Risk identification & also 4.3.3 Use of entities and annotation in models and documents In response to this section we have produced a 3D Hazard Marker for the clear communication of hazard or risks within a live information model.

The Hazard marker family is embedded with a number of key parameters that directly relate to the Context and Risk information attributes identified in the document, with many of them being a mandatory requirement to be documented as part of the PAS.


These parameters contain crucial information relating to the risk, including likely hood, severity, who is at risk, mitigation etc. The parameters created also export to IFC, an open standard format & mandatory requirement of the PAS.


The PAS suite of documents are to be phased out due to the introduction of ISO 19650, which was published in January 2019. ISO 19650-1 and ISO 19650-2 have now been published, with ISO 19650-3 and ISO 19650-5 to follow later, planned for 2020. However, there is not yet clarification as to whether PAS 1192-6 will be added to the ISO series. Please keep tuned-in to our blogs for further information on the transition process & for an update when new documents are released.