Practical Application of BIM – CIAT North West CPD

Our Practical Application of BIM presentation at the CIAT North West group as part of their  CPD Day in Bolton is the second event we’ve delivered this to, and I’m pleased to say we now have accrued a third request over in Guiseley, North-West Leeds.

It’s great to see a positive response to the naked truth about BIM, and hopefully it illustrates what is realistic and what is actually being implemented on projects right now – rather than yet more BIM promises and BIM theory of the future.

I had a great day with the CIAT North West group and the presentation sparked some interesting discussions amongst the delegates both during and after the event. It seems to be that showing what’s actually been achieved with BIM is something people can relate to. The acknowledgement from delegates during this session is far higher than when I’m talking about PAS 1192, or BIM Level 2, or even just what Revit is capable of.  The proof is in the pudding as they say! – and practical application is just that.

As well as BIM laid bare, naked BIM, practical BIM or what ever you prefer to call it, the end of the presentation contains some top tips for achieving BIM Zen. The biggest tip I can share with you is just one word: “Why”.  Why am I adding 3D hinges to a door family? Why am I adding cost data into a Revit model? Why am I adding Uniclass codes to all elements in the model? So, question everything you do with BIM, and if you can’t answer the ‘Why?’ question, you shouldn’t be doing it – take only what you need.

I’m already looking forward to delivering this presentation again in the near future, where we will be updating it with more material as it develops, and sharing the successful use of BIM with industry.

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