Revit & DWF Mark ups Basic Functions

Everyone I know uses PDFs but why aren’t people moving to DWF? I demonstrate DWF capabilities at almost every training event I do, but nine times out of ten when I return, the team are still using PDF.

Amongst many of the other very useful features of the DWF file format, the integration with Revit for use with mark-ups (red pen drawings) makes it a very useful tool indeed.   I’m finding them more and more useful but there is a learning curve involved so here is a video of the basics.

If you want to get a grasp of the basics, this video runs through publishing, marking up, reviewing, re-issuing and even attaching other media formats such as PDF.

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  • Daniel Fahmi

    This is really great. I tried so hard to get the Walsh-Austin Team working on the LAX Terminal project to use DWFx instead of PDF. They agreed, and when the DWFx's finally came in, the 50 yr old un-educated document control lady from WAJV wasn't comfortable, I got yelled at, and they went right back to PDF. Its too bad because the design team (Fentress) was completely on board. Design Review is a great product but Autodesk needs to create more documentation for Digital Signatures.

  • support


    Really informative.. I also find DWF files are a lot smaller in size than PDF's..

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