Revit Factory realises its full potential with the launch of INFINITE BIM

As a business, we’ve come a long way from Revit Factory’s initial conception in 2006, starting out life as a web-based download portal for Revit Families, then developing into a successful consulting business. Our expertise is based on our industry knowledge and technical skills, and with many architects adopting Revit as part of their BIM Level 2 initiative, our business has now developed even further into a pioneering consultancy, seemingly without limits.

We would like to introduce you to INFINITE BIM, the new name for Revit Factory that takes into account our growth, development, expansion and wider offer to clients old and new that have a demand for our skills at a more strategic level; our offer now includes advising management on best practice rollout, training and assessment methods, COBie training and support, Information Management, financial return on investment as well as cultural change.

Our re-brand reflects the Construction Lifecycle with a multi-faceted approach to our clients’ needs, plugging into each different aspect. As the industry has evolved in line with the UK Governments’ BIM Mandate, so have we – and Infinite BIM doesn’t just do Revit….

Now we have more experience, more staff, more skills, and more capacity to be…well, Infinitely better.

Revit Factory has had the opportunity to work with some of the UK’s top architectural practices – Hawkins Brown, AHR, McBains Cooper to name just a few, guiding them through their BIM journey, now continuing with us as Infinite BIM and making full use of our wider service offer. We welcome local architectural companies with our new short courses, designed to have a minimal impact on the working day, be crammed with vital information and techniques, and to increase our clients’ knowledge of the infinite world of BIM.

As part of our evolution, Infinite BIM has recently moved into larger premises so that we can accommodate our clients with a range of off-site training. We’re creating an informal, comfortable environment with the assistance of leading architects AHR in Huddersfield, Fraser Projects Ltd of Leeds – short-listed for the Design Excellence Award, Sedus, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of office furniture, renowned for taking the small details of furniture design very seriously and creating a superbly stylish product range, and Ocee Designs – creators of unique seating solutions, proudly manufacturing their range here in the UK. With creative input from WeSpace – specialists in designing working environments for the A&D community, we feel sure our clients will enjoy learning in our new office space.

You can read all about Infinite BIM’s new interior concept in The Infinite BIM Re-Fit Series soon to be posted in our blog; a showcase of our design ideas, challenges, progress and success with this project and the inspirational companies we have worked with.

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