Revit User Group Leeds #11 – BIM, Beer & Pizza

Revit Factory we’re pleased to host the return of the Leeds Revit User Group. It was great to see such a good turnout. (Hopefully not just for the beer and pizza!)


Chris Senior of Revit Factory kicked the night off welcoming everybody to the group both new and old faces.

After a quick word from the sponsor, aka Revit Factory….more specifically me @iamtherevitman (thanks Chris for dropping that on me with 5 mins to go!) We kicked off the user group.

First up was Simon Dickinson of MicroCad, giving the audience a whistle stop tour of the new features in Revit 2014.

With the audience suitably warmed up, Glenn Jowett from Beca Engineering Consultancy was next up. Glenn previously used to run the with Chris before leaving to work in New Zealand.  Glenn is a Senior Revit / BIM Technician for the engineering firm Beca, based in New Zealand.

Glenn spoke about the work he is currently doing in New Zealand rebuilding Christchurch after the city suffered extensive earthquake damage. It was interesting to see BIM, more specifically Revit, being used to plan and phase the demolitions of damaged / existing structures, and catalogue the extent of damage suffered. Interesting to see the collaboration issues on the various packages and how they are going about resolving them.

Glenn had no shame in promoting a new group in New Zealand called @collaboratenz and made sure he had at least 100 followers of the group by the end of the evening.  I looks like an interesting group which I will be following closely.

A short break was taken to stock up on more pizza and beer before the next presentation.

Mark Taylor from BAM Construct was next to take to the stage. Mark gave a really interesting presentation from a contractors perspective on ‘field BIM’, 6D, robotic total stations, and barcoding to name but a few. Personally being from an Architectural background it was really interesting to see how BIM is being viewed and used on site. The use of Robotic total stations and point data exported straight from the Revit model using a plugin, almost rendering a setting out drawing obsolete was very interesting indeed. Also talking 6D, Mark made a very valid point that it is about having the right data at the right time (not a plethora of unneeded data) and above all speaking to FM.

After Mark’s well received presentation Chris wound the evening up and we all headed to a local pub called ‘Toast’ for a spot of ‘networking’. All in all a great turn out to a great night with some very interesting presentations. Keep your eyes peeled for the next #RUGLeeds which will be in September,  event info and details on how to register can be found on the the LinkedIn Group here.

Big thanks to the 3 presenters;

Simon Dickinson: @revituk @microcadnews

Glenn Jowett: @RevitST

Mark Taylor: @mstjohntaylor

Finally I would like to congratulate the attendees on the quite remarkable demolition of 8 x 18″ pizzas!

Hopefully see you all at the next event!

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